What’s In a Name?

Of course, this project only got the name “Zapatag” last April, when it popped into my head and turned out to also be available as a .com domain name. And as far as names go, I’m happy. It’s both catchy and meaningful… provided you catch on that a “tag” is another word for a license plate. “Zapping” a tag seemed like an action that felt quick, short, and not entirely negative.

It was fun thinking up options to be sure. Frankly, I was worried for a bit that I was getting stuck in branding paralysis. You can think up names and look up domain names for days! Nearly every single combination of words that were synonyms of “street,” “driver,” “report,” and “license plate” was considered.

Now, this project did have an early code name of sorts — at least in my head. One inspired by the flurry of Web 2.0 sites that shunned the letter ‘e.’. But the domain name wasn’t available, and I eventually came to like “Zapatag” better.

When the domain name did come up as expired this year, though, I couldn’t help but snap it up: Streetr.com. Can you imagine?


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