Real Geeks Ride

Real Geeks Ride

Zapatag is still but a baby, an amoeba, an early effort that’s barely begun. But that doesn’t mean it can’t step up and support a good cause. Especially when that cause is advanced by two great guys and meshes with Zapatag’s goal of making our roads a better place to travel. So Zapatag.com is proud to support Real Geeks Ride.

Real Geeks Ride is a cross-country bike tour by two geeks — Joe Philipson and Carlos Urreta — who hope to inspire other geeks to bike to work instead of drive. They are not hardcore or even serious cyclists, and they plan to learn about bikes and the biking community as part of their 3,000-mile journey. They’ll be fully “geeked out,” of course, and will document every step of the trip online.

The ride begins May 20 in Pennsylvania, and ends August 2 in Seaside, Oregon. Hopefully, they’ll be “zapping” plates along the way. We look forward to watching their progress across the country, and in getting more geeks onto two wheels.


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