Gravatars and Editable Zaps!

GravatarNot everyone uploads an avatar to Zapatag. For users, it’s a pain to keep your avatars up to date across dozens of web services, and for visitors, a row of generic, gray silhouettes isn’t particularly interesting to look at. So we’ve implemented Gravatars, or Globally Recognized Avatars. With a Gravatar, you can use the same avatar across the web, automatically. And if you don’t upload an avatar, we’ll assign you a simple “identicon,” a unique, colored geometric shape.

Much like cut-and-paste on Apple’s iPhone, we’re also thrilled to announce a feature that should have been included in the first release of Zapatag: the ability to edit Zaps! Did the map pin end up on the wrong side of town? Did you misspell “idiot”? Want to delete, or add, a photo? As long as you’re logged in, you can go to a Zap’s detail page and click “Update or Edit This Zap.”

As a new feature, it may not work exactly as intended, so please do file a bug report if something goes wrong. We’ve already noticed that if you edit a Zap submitted via Twitter, the system may re-import the original Zap, creating a duplicate. We’re working on fixing this now.

Zaps on a Map

Zapatag has been growing nicely since March. We’ve received over 800 Zaps from 47 different states (c’mon, Arkansas, Vermont and Wyoming!). We’ve gotten some great reviews (from friends as well as tech blogs), and we’ve quickly climbed Google’s search results for “report bad drivers” (even after I stopped running Google AdWords). I keep thinking I should be doing more to promote the site, but it seems to be doing pretty well on its own.

We’ve got other improvements in the works, from better highlighting of photos to adding Canadian provinces to the list of states. If there’s anything you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to let us know!


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