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Brand X on Road Rage

Michael Shen, who runs the L.A. Can’t Drive blog, wrote a piece for Brand X on sites like

Ranting on the internet is as common as ice in a freezer, but the possibility of diverting one’s anger away from the driver’s seat and toward the webisphere is an intriguing concept and one that could actually reap tangible results in the real world. Intuitively, this might make sense to a lot of people. But is there data to support it?

I concede that probably won’t make roads safer… but it still feels good to report bad drivers.


Almost to Beta

After some ups and downs, substantial progress has been made in Zapatag development. I can’t stop cringing at how ugly the site is, but as long as the code works, pretty can come later. If I hadn’t somehow broken the mapping feature yesterday, I’d be asking friends to start beta testing this week.

I think it’ll be another week, now, before other people can start poking around. And they will have to be people who won’t hold the clunky, PaintShop-esque design against me.

Some friends have forwarded me links to a couple of new license plate reporting services, which is always a “good news, bad news” thing: good because this is obviously an idea that people find compelling, bad because there’s a pretty good chance these other sites actually know what they’re doing. One looks more like a .NET database class project than a live site, but the other has a gorgeous “Web 2.0” look with a smooth, beveled blue look and ads already in rotation. Zapatag won’t have ads… but it won’t exactly be making money, either.